About Me



I’m Charlotte!

I love anything spiritual and philosophical and recently I’ve decided that I want to help people become a better version of themselves.

I’ve plonked myself on a journey to enlightenment (although I think different situations and events in life have gently nudged me toward it!) and my blog is my way of finding my voice. It’s an outlet for the ever swirling monologue of my mind and I hope it also provides some comfort and insight to you!

I will mainly be writing about my spiritual and philosophical musings, and relating them to how you can improve your life and empower yourself to take charge and direct your life the way you want it to go! (And occasionally I’ll drop a poem in there!)

I’m a big believer in YOU taking control of your life and realising that there are NO LIMITATIONS – only the ones you create in your mind. I’d like you all to realise how amazing you are and that by changing how you view yourself greatly impacts on your perspective of life, and your perception of life!

It’s been an interesting journey so far and one that I’m sure will continue to surprise, challenge and enlighten me!

I’m glad you can join me! 🙂

“Be happy! This is a blessing and an order!” ~ Sri Sri

P.S. My posts are available in the drop-down menu to the left at the top of the page! 🙂


13 thoughts on “About Me

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  1. Sometimes, it’s really worth hearing (or reading) from someone words like “YOU taking control of your life” and “amazing you” because it has more impact than telling it to yourself over and over again. Hope I’ll get inspired by your posts. 🙂


    P.S. Found your comment from OM’s post.


  2. Hey hi 🙂
    I am new here and am connecting with bloggers 🙂
    Hope to stay in touch and do visit my blog when you have your time 🙂
    You have a wonderful space 🙂


  3. Hello, I’m lost and i can’t accept tht, but as you said you over came it.
    Hopw you will help me to do the same thing.


    1. You need to find something that you really enjoy and go from there. I know it’s hard, but even tiny steps are excellent. It’s taken me a while to be comfortable with being lost, but as I said in the article that’s part of the challenge. Once you accept you’re lost you can go on to do many things. Try to focus on the positive things in your life. If you focus on them, the universe will send you more things to feel positive about. It’s also partly about re-wiring your brain to have positive thoughts. Things won’t seem such a struggle once you start this.


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