Money Money Money

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Four – Day Four

This is a bit of a different post today. I’m going to give you ideas of how to manage your money better and tell you that it’s ok to ask for help and to want more money.

Money is a big part of our lives so it would be naïve to avoid mentioning it as it causes many of us stress.

The universe has plenty of money to give, however, we feel that we are undeserving of the money, or that we are not the ‘type’ of person to attract vast amounts of cash into our lives. Well, we are. Again, like with most things in life, it comes down to our belief system around money. If we believe that there isn’t enough money and focus on that, then that is what the universe is going to give us. Now I’m not saying that as soon as you start changing your perspective and your thoughts becomes more positive surrounding money that you’ll attract millions, but you will attract more. Maybe you will attract millions. Give me a call if you do 😉 haha!

A good place to start is to stop avoiding any debts you may have. Get these in order so they’re not a niggling stress at the back of your mind. If you need to, make an appointment with a financial advisor or someone who can help you get any debts in order. Don’t feel embarrassed or like you’re a failure. They may see a genius way to help you cope that you would never have thought of. This gives you the opportunity to move forward financially and to start focusing on bringing in that money you want.

It’s not going to drop out of the sky (that would be nice!), but it may come in the form of a tax rebate, a new job opportunity, winning a competition, someone paying you back some money they owe you, an inheritance, or you just find money on the ground. This happened to me A LOT as a child.

It can be hard to accept that we need to get our financial situation in order, particularly when it seems that how successful we are stems on how much money we have. But we’ve done the first step and signalled to the universe that we are ready to accept more money.

The law of attraction says that what we focus on becomes a part of our lives. If we focus on the negative and what we don’t have, we attract more of it. If we focus on the positive and what we do have, we attract more of it. The principle is simple, but sometimes it can be difficult applying this day-to-day. You can start big or small, but you must believe that you can attract positive experiences in your life. Each time a negative thought arises, replace it with a positive one. Sometimes this can be really hard, but stick with it and believe in the greatness that you are.

Someone told me the other day that Jim Carrey wrote himself a cheque for $10million before he became the star he is today. That same year (or the next year I’m not sure haha) the films he had been in made him a household name and he made that $10million. The point is that he focused on his goal and worked towards it and didn’t allow negative thoughts to invade his mind.

I’ve uploaded an image full of affirmations for you to use. Anytime a negative thought about money comes up, replace it with one of these affirmations.

There is enough money out there for all of us. Change the way you view money and money will change the way it views you.

Be happy. Be you.


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