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Health and Well-Being Month: Week Four – Day Two

Life Health

Today we will focusing on our relationships and how we interact with and relate to people around us. This can be with friends, family members, spouses, colleagues, even the person who serves you in your local supermarket or coffee shop.

We are all prone to allowing negative relationships to be a bigger part of our life than they need to be. Are there any negative relationships that you know you should be letting go of but can’t quite do it yet? Now is the time to reflect on this and choose how to proceed. It may be that you choose to give each other some space and see how this affects you. Maybe you cut this person out completely. It’s up to you.

Don’t forget to value your positive relationships. These people are supportive, accepting and will stand by you no matter what. Ask yourself what it is about these relationships that you admire and which aspects that you’d like to introduce to the negative relationship – if you choose to continue with it.

Below I’ve listed some questions to ask yourself regarding your relationships. Some of these may be tough, but they are necessary if we want to make changes.

  • How are your relationships? Are they loving? Challenging? Are you positively growing?
  • Are there changes you know need to be made but you’re scared to make them?
  • How do you relate to people? – Are you anxious? Quiet? Shy? Loud? Indifferent? How does this affect you and the other people?
  • Do you find yourself hiding parts of your personality for fear that people won’t like you? How much power do you give other people in your life?
  • Do you feel you give much more than you receive? How do you think you can change that?

How do we improve our relationships?

For a start we need to realise our own worth. It’s no good trying to improve a relationship if we feel we don’t deserve to receive love from anyone. Remember the affirmations from last week and yesterday’s post about finding vitality in our lives? Use those exercises to build a sense of self-worth and healthiness within.

We also need to ask ourselves do our current relationships bring out the best in us? Do they help us grow as we want to grow? Are they supportive and loving?

We owe it to ourselves to be surrounded by people who we value and who help and support us in all areas of our lives. How can we expect to make positive changes if we’re surrounding ourselves with negative people, and with people who drag us down to a level we’re not comfortable with?

Be happy. Be you.


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