Timelessness in Nature

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Three – Day One

Spiritual Health

We’ve dealt with body and mind, now time to connect with the world around us and with our higher selves.

How do you relate to the world?

Is there something bigger than yourself you’d like to connect to?

What inspires you?

This week I would like to improve your connection with the universe and yourself. I want you to be able to identify a source of inspiration that is bigger than you and then use it to elevate your connection with your life. This week will be taking a closer look at how we connect with the world and what actions we can take to deepen that connection.

We will also focus on building up our connection with ourselves. To connect with ourselves is to connect with the universe.

Today I’d like you to connect with nature. I know we did something similar in week two, but that was for our physical benefit. This time we’re going to really connect with nature.

Find a place of nature close to you and go there. Don’t set a time limit. We worry far too much about time. Feel the grass in your toes (if it’s warm enough!). Smell the mud. Crunch the leaves. Marvel at how trees hold the weight of snow so artfully. Ground yourself. Go forest waking – this is a popular activity in Japan. They have found that forest walking significantly reduces blood pressure and rejuvenates a persons mind. They use it as a preventative technique, and one to handle stress in a healthy way. I’m sure we could all do with some of that insight!

This is about allowing your mind to slow enough so that it can take in parts of the world it had never seen/heard/smelled/touched/tasted before. When our minds are occupied with daily tasks we forget to slow down and fully see the world. Sitting in nature will build upon your appreciation of nature, and it will make you aware of how, without trying, nature gets things done.

Nature doesn’t worry about time or if it’s doing nature right. It trusts and lets things happen. Let this be a lesson in trusting that in time all things will get done. We don’t need to worry. Worry only distracts us from noticing the beauty in our surroundings. For a timeless amount of time, let nature and the universe take care of everything.

Building a stronger connection with nature will allow you to incorporate some of that slowness into your awareness. We don’t always have to rush. Things will get done.

We are nature. We are made up of the same stuff. Let’s reconnect with it and find our energy again.

Be happy. Be you.


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