Reveal Your Hidden Self

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Three – Day Three

Spiritual Health

Today is the day of identifying the parts of yourself you’re not so fond of and how they’re hiding your secret talents. I encourage you to take part in this day as difficult as it may seem. It’s important work.

By noticing these aspects of yourself you’re not telling the universe to give you more of it (I used to think that). In fact, you’re telling the universe that you’re making space for the positive to come in, and you’re giving the crap back because it’s not yours!

  • What would you be doing with yourself if you didn’t listen to the negative voice?
  • How can you use your supposedly negative traits for good?
  • Did they stem from a particular time in your life?
  • What is it about that particular event/situation/person that made you see yourself negatively?
  • What did you think of yourself BEFORE that happened?
  • Have you unconsciously taken on the opinion of others and how you see yourself through their eyes?

I know there’s a lot of questions here, but they’re designed to get you thinking so that you can take control of your hidden aspects.

The hidden self is nothing to be afraid of. To confront it and accept it is a necessary part of our spiritual growth.

By the way, not all parts of our hidden self are negative. It could be that you loved martial arts as a child, but it wasn’t ‘right’ for you to do it. Maybe you loved design but your family put pressure on you to become a lawyer.

We bury all these desires beneath a very deep layer of what everyone else told us would be right for us. We knew it wasn’t, but what can we do when pressure bears down on us from those who know best? It makes for an easier life to bow to the wants of others, but it doesn’t make for a happy life.

Use today to take back control and to rediscover parts of yourself that you had hidden away. You will encounter good and bad, but they are vital for you to find your authenticity and for you to maintain a balance in daily life. You may not become a Buddha overnight, but you will become more at peace with yourself.

In future posts (after Health and Well-Being Month) I’ll be writing about reconnecting with our authentic selves, so stay tuned for that!

Be happy. Be you.


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