Honour Sacredness

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Three – Day Two

How often have you walked past a church, temple or monument and thought about going inside but never ended up doing so?

Today, visit a religious monument or a sacred site that is special to you or that you have felt drawn to.

Sit in that space and appreciate the peace and connection it offers you.

Think about the people who built and revered the place. Appreciate how their connection and their need to honour what was sacred to them, pushed them forwards to the achievement of creating a sacred place for people to find solace in.

How can you create that peace within yourself? How can you honour your sacredness today? Maybe you honour it by giving yourself time to soak in a bath, maybe you treat yourself to those luxurious and over-priced chocolates? Perhaps you buy yourself that outfit, or maybe you deserve a holiday? Whatever it may be, do it. Honour the sacredness within and watch how it changes your life.

Be happy. Be you.


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