Food for Thought

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Two – Day Seven

Food is our focus today.

We touched on this briefly on day five in our clear out the crap day. By briefly, I asked you to get rid of any foods that do not serve you in a positive way.

I’d like you to ask yourself:

  • Is your relationship with food positive or negative?
  • Are your food habits healthy or unhealthy?
  • Do you use food to avoid something in your life?
  • Do you enjoy food?

Perhaps you eat too much sugar (cakes are just so good though!), maybe overloading on carbs is your thing, maybe you’re one of the blessed ones and you are top-notch on point with your eating habits.

However, if you’re not so lucky I’d like you to change one of your meals to a healthier option. Just one! Then gradually introduce healthier options for your other meals as you become comfortable. It’s key to start small as it makes it much more manageable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scared myself away from a task by making to too big. You’re more likely to stick with it and less likely to become overwhelmed.

Perhaps you eat a muffin for breakfast or a sugar loaded cereal. Why not replace it with slow releasing carbohydrates like porridge or granola? Maybe lunch is a rushed sandwich grabbed at a cafe. How about preparing a lunch? Not only will it be healthier, but it will save you money too!

I’m not saying you have to completely give up all the bad stuff, but keep everything in moderation and start to recognise if you have any unhealthy eating patterns and behaviours. If you know you’re susceptible to bad eating habits, start keeping a food journal so you can start recognising patterns. Be sure to include how you’re feeling that day so you’re able to keep track of any emotional triggers regarding your diet choices.

I have a habit of craving cheese and salty snacks when I’m doing a night shift, and if I’m bored and restless I will easily chow down a massive bag of crisps or I’ll make a noodle sandwich (god the carbs!). I come to regret this all later as it flares up my IBS, but sometimes I find it necessary for me to comfort eat in that moment and I ignore everything I know. Hindsight is always wonderful. As is conscious awareness whilst making our food choices.

The point here is that I recognised my patterns, and so when I gorge on crisps I’m aware of the choice I’m making. I can go ahead and demolish the pack, or I can assert some self-control and allow myself a handful of crisps. Well, maybe two handfuls. I have tiny hands! And I can of course make the choice to just not buy any crisps!

I want today to help you create a healthier relationship with food. I want you to enjoy food absolutely guilt free!

I hope this week has helped raise your awareness of your body and how you relate to it. We often forget that our physical health has such an impact. When we’re feeling healthy we almost disregard the body as “just being there”. It’s not until something goes wrong or we fall ill, that we start to become aware of how important it is to maintain a strong connection with our physical health.

Next week: spiritual health. Regain your connection with the universe and become inspired!

Be happy. Be you.


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