Stretch Your Body And Soul

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Two – Day Three

Stretch It Out – Yoga Challenge

Not another post about yoga!

Yep! It really does wonders – it’s just getting to the mat that’s the hardest part. I get back pain quite frequently and yoga really helps stretch out any tension build up I have. Once that tension is relieved, the satisfaction feels like getting into a hot bath. It’s that kind of “ahhh”.

Through doing yoga you to get to know your body. I want you to feel how your body moves, and learn how to connect with your body’s needs. This is about focusing on the signals your body gives you – when to gently push your body and when to rest it. We become so focused on how far we can push our bodies that we tend to forget that it’s ok to be gentle with it and to let our body rest!

The gentle movements and stretching that is incorporated into a yoga session is an ideal way to exercise and to build both mental and physical strength and resilience.

Yoga has multiple benefits including:

  • Greater mental strength and clarity
  • It builds and tones your muscles
  • It makes you feel good!
  • It helps you connect with yourself on a deeper level
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increase in energy, respiratory and cardio health

I have found with yoga that it releases pent up emotions. I often get angry – especially in warrior pose. There’s something about it that really makes my blood boil! I find myself thinking “oh for Christ sake. Just finish the pose will you! I hate everything right now. My legs hurt. This better be worth it. I hate this fucking pose.” And then the release afterwards feels so good!

There are many yoga videos on YouTube, but I’ve linked Yoga With Adrienne. It took me ages to find someone who didn’t have an annoying voice and didn’t rush, and someone who actually explained the poses. She has a lot of videos for back pain, PMS, being hungover (I tried it for some insane reason and it bloody worked!), a 30 day yoga challenge and many others. Have a look through and see what fits for you today.

Be happy. Be you.


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  1. I love my yoga practice – it has given me so much.. peace of mind, balance, and fitness that has peeled back years. At night in bed, I often fall asleep in a spinal twist – it feels so good!


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