Let’s Get Phys-oh!-cal: Self-Exploration & Self-Love

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Two – Day Six

Let’s get phys-oh-cal: Self-Exploration & Self-Love

(Like what I did with the title? Ha! I’d delete it, but it made me smile so much it has to stay!)

Oh yes. You guessed it. Self-love: masturbation and sex.

Scary words, huh? Not after today!

I’d like you to really explore yourself and let yourself be fully in the moment of the experience. Give yourself permission to love yourself. Have an intense time with yourself or your partner. Don’t hold back and don’t be shy! Embrace your body!

This is about you loving yourself, so really go for it.

If you’re not quite ready to explore your body and your pleasures through masturbation, then I’d like you to stand in front of a mirror and tell each part of your body that you love and cherish it. Start slow. Be comfortable with being comfortable and intimate with yourself. Clothes are optional here. You can start doing this with your clothes on, but I urge you to make this a daily practice if you’re especially self-conscious. Each day, remove an item of clothing and spend that day appreciating that part of your body. You can start by focusing on your whole hand or one finger. It doesn’t matter just as long as you’re loving yourself. It’s important that you move at your own pace.

Practice self-love daily. It’s important for your health and well-being. As RuPaul says “If you cant love yourself, how in the hell can you love somebody else?”

The love you hold and give to others, extend this to yourself and watch how you transform into a confident, self-assured, bad-ass person.

P.S. don’t forget to smile at yourself in appreciation.

P.P.S. I found it suitably awkward trying to love my body. It took me a while to relax into it, but I’m getting there! We all move at our own pace and there’s no rush.

Enjoy your body and have lots of fun today! 😉

Be happy. Be you.


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