Let Yourself Try Something New

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Two – Day Two

Today I’d like you to do a physical activity that you’ve always wanted to do, but have felt apprehensive about doing.

I went for a run in public. I don’t even like running much less doing it in public – all those people seeing my tomato shade face?! Breathing like a mating seal?!

But I did it. I was surprised to learn that I quite enjoyed it and I didn’t even feel self-conscious. I was so focused on breathing and not dying and getting my pace right that I barely registered other people. I also found running really makes me sweat so it’s a good way to get the toxins out too!

It doesn’t have to be anything massive. It could be going for a walk alone, swimming, going to that yoga class you’ve seen advertised or like I’m doing tomorrow – trying a kick boxing class which my friend has been trying to get my to go to for a year!

Doing something new signals to the universe that you’re ready for new opportunities and to explore new avenues for yourself. It may seem like something small, but it is a big achievement.

Be happy. Be you.


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