Clear Out The Crap

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Two – Day Four

Clear Out The Crap

By which I mean clear out the literal clutter in your house. Ok, so not entirely physical, but you’ll be moving things around so it counts! This is not only about physical movement, but about letting go of any extra weight around your house that subconsciously is holding you down.

It will clear your mind as well as get your heart pumping.

This counts in the kitchen too! Clear out the cupboards of food stuff that are old and that don’t serve your body and your health in the most positive way. This is about creating space, letting go of the old, and welcoming the new.

At first you may find that you resist letting go of that old top that you never wear, or those shoes that are beautiful, but remain unworn, but rest assured that this is a natural part of the process. A part of you is leaving and you’re saying goodbye. Be in that moment, but let it pass by. Move forward from it and don’t hold onto it.

You’re reworking your life, little by little, into something more appealing to you, and something that better reflects who you are. Grieving the old you is a necessary stepping stone into welcoming the new you. This could be surprisingly emotional for some of you, so be prepared. The fact that you have turned up to do this exercise is a signal from the universe and your higher self that you’re ready to make this transition.

Be brave and courageous. You can do it!

Be happy. Be you.


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