Spend Quality Time With Quality People

Health & Well-Being Month: Week One – Day Six

Time: you choose

Today I’d like you to spend time with people who bring out the best in you. They’re people who support and elevate you. It will bring your mood up and release those all important feel good feelings.

Too often we let negative, overbearing people rule our lives. We think if we pacify them and let them have their own way it will lead to an easier life – who wants to have an argument with them anyway? Let me tell you, it’s only easier for them, and this is about you.

This is about reminding yourself that you get to choose who is a part of your life. Of the people in your life, who uplifts you? Who makes you feel good? Who supports you? Choose to spend more time with them.

Your time is limited and your energy is precious. Only let yourself spend time with friends who add to your life. – Alli Worthington

As you spend more time surrounded by positive people, you will start to recognise how others in your life drag you down. Maybe you have a friend who always expects you to do them favours, and yet they never return them? Perhaps a partner is too domineering and you’re now starting to realise you deserve better? Maybe people just aren’t making time for you despite you trying to make time for them. Whatever it may be, recognise how these relationships and friendships need changing or dropping.

Choose to cut off this weight that’s bearing you down.

So, phone up that friend and arrange a coffee date. Treat yourselves to lunch at that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Go to for drinks. Do something that strengthens your bond and makes you smile.

Your life is yours so choose only the best people to share it with.

Be happy. Be you.


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