Health and Well-Being Month: Week One – Day Three

Walking In Nature

Time: 20 minutes +

I’d like you to take a walk in nature. Go to a local park, lakes, National Trust location, the beach – anywhere that places you in nature.

This exercise is to get you away from the walls of your house and the walls of your mind. When we’re in nature, we feel expansive and we encourage openness. It will create space and refresh not only your mind, but your body too. Taking a short walk releases endorphins which allows tension in your muscles to ease as the blood circulates oxygen around your body. And another great bonus – it will help you sleep better too, and we all know we could do with some more of that!

Take this opportunity to marvel at nature and to witness creation in action. Allow yourself to notice parts of nature you never would have focused on and admired before.

If you enjoy this exercise then make it a regular practice. It doesn’t have to be every day, but you’ll find that once you choose to make this a regular occurrence, your sense of self-worth improves because you’re choosing to do something for yourself, and that’s an empowering feeling.

Be happy. Be you.


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