Health and Well-Being Month

I haven’t written for a long while and I’ve been thinking about writing again. Recently I went to the Hay House Writer’s Workshop and it inspired me to get back into writing.

I lost faith in my writing because looking around, I see there are many people writing similar things and doing an amazing job, and it disheartened me for a long time. That damned perfectionism rearing its head again!

I realised that although the subject matter may be the same, the voice is not. I had to remember how well you all responded to my previous posts, and that my voice was good enough.

It’s taken long enough but I’m there!

Now, onto my new project…

Throughout the month of December I will be focusing on health and well-being. I thought that it is the perfect time for it. We can all get ourselves into a positive frame of mind approaching the holidays, and take stock of our lives and ourselves before New Year. It also gives us the chance to review ourselves and how much we’ve grown this past year, and how much we feel we would like to grow in the coming year.

Each week will focus on a different aspect of health and well-being, and I will encourage you to participate in the daily tasks I set. I’ll be doing these too so you won’t be alone!

On Monday’s I will post the new focus for the week, along with the daily task, and each morning after I will post the daily health and well-being tasks.

Here’s a brief overview of what we will be focusing on:

Week One

Mental Health – Mental Health is crucial to living a fulfilled life. If you’re struggling with your mental health and need a boost, then this week is perfect for you. I’ve designed it so that you can release and heal old wounds and ideas, make space for positivity and use this as an opportunity to move forward as much as you can.

Week Two

Physical Heath – We’ve started to build up our mental strength and tenacity, now is the time to transfer this to our bodies. This week is about moving and getting in touch with our body and connecting with it in new ways.

Week Three

Spiritual Health – This week we’re going to improve our connection with the universe and the world around us. This week will be reflective, connective and speculative. My aim is for you to connect to something deeper, something that brings profound meaning to your life.

Week Four

Life Health – This week we will be checking in on the health of general life. This is the every day stuff we get bogged down by: relationships, finances, our social lives etc. We will look at particular aspects of our lives from a broader perspective so that we can evaluate anything that needs changing. We will see what works well for us and what doesn’t work well for us, and we will apply the successful strategies to other areas, as well as clearing out the negative.

Throughout this journey I ask that you be honest with yourself. Look at what works and what doesn’t. Look at what needs to change. Take responsibility, let go and evolve.

I hope this month gives you an insight into what it is you can achieve, and teaches you how to love yourself, and that it gives you that much needed little nudge to make positive changes happen.

Be happy. Be you.


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