A Call for Equality

This piece is to ask you all to treat each other with equal respect and kindness.

There are no differences. There are no ‘greater than’s’ or ‘less than’s’. They are perceived figments of an egotistical imagination put there by social conditioning. Watch a group of young children play together. They don’t care about skin colour, disability, wealth, titles, sexual preferences, gender etc. They’re not born racist, they don’t categorise, label or stereotype. We teach them how to do that. And we do that by telling them a person is different because of *insert reason here*. We teach them that one reason men and women are to be treated differently is merely because one has a penis and one has a vagina. Literally because our genitals look different. Really? Really.


We’re taught stereotypes that black people are criminals, muslims are terrorists, whites are supreme, disabled people are unable, gays are dirty, the government has our best interests at heart. The list goes on. We’re taught how to segregate and isolate ourselves from each other. We’re taught that differences are a BAD thing when actually they are something that makes us more interesting. Differences allow each of us to blend into the plethora of life and be able to expand because of the difference of another. Differences offer us a new perspective.


Growing up I was never really aware of why all these differences mattered. It never bothered me. As long as someone was a good person then I’d talk to them. In my eyes we’re all equal and we’re all trying to live our lives as best as we can. All we ever want is to be loved and accepted. Why is this so hard for certain members of humanity to grasp? Why are we even at the point where we have to fight to be accepted, to be loved, to have a peaceful existence?


Inequality is often a reaction from fear and based on ignorance, narrow-mindedness and an inability to see beauty in the world. From this springs war crimes justified by a false belief that certain groups are ‘inferior’, and occurrences of targeted victimisation are carried out by people who feel they’re qualified enough to rid the world of ‘impurities’. There are no impurities. Just uneducated and fearful individuals latched to a belief system that’s superbly outdated and shrouded in fear. A belief system that acts as a means of control and manipulation.


We need a revolutionary renaissance of new perceptions. Ones that are inclusive to ALL people, that embrace all and deny none. Our system of how we relate to people needs restructuring and re-wiring. Let’s identify with the TRUTH of being human. Being human doesn’t need to be a nasty, hellish experience. In fact, it’s not. The only reason we think this way is because we’ve CREATED that type of experience for ourselves.


We are creators and I say we create a world that’s welcoming, loving, peaceful. Why is this such a big aspiration? Why do people think it’s silly, naïve, and unachievable? It’s not.


Surely change is called for when we arm our children for the ‘harsh reality’ of the ‘dog eat dog’ world we live in? And in some parts of the world children are literally bearing arms. Is this ok with you? How would you feel if your seven year old were to brandish an automatic firearm?

Is anyone exhausted yet?

This is my call for equality because I believe we all deserve to be treated equally, with respect, dignity, kindness and love.

Be happy. Be you.


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