Be Courageous: Choose To Be Happy

I started my journey as a way of learning to love myself. However, I have discovered that it’s actually a pursuit of happiness. For in that happiness I will find all I need to love myself and that’s how I can find the love for myself. As buddha says, happiness is the path, and for me it will be the path that leads to love. 

To get there I need to BE happiness. Through that peaceful elation I will naturally come to love myself and of course, others. I will come to be aware of the energy that surrounds me, just waiting for me to drink it up and use it wisely and freely as it’s meant to be used. 

There’s no use in me (or anyone) thinking “I WILL be happy.” I’ll constantly be chasing that ‘will’ and I won’t be BEING happy. If I’m forever chasing something that has a future tense I’ll never catch up to it. If I let it encompass me as I already am and soak it up into my being, then I’m happy. There’s no ‘will be’. It just is. 

There’s no point in wasting energy saying “tomorrow I will be happier” because there is no tomorrow. When ‘tomorrow’ arrives it becomes today. So how will you be happy tomorrow? Why not start right now? 

What’s holding you back? 

It’s only you that holds you back from it. 

I know it’s my fear of happiness that holds me back from being happy because I have that ingrained mentality that when something good happens, something else comes along to knock it over. I suppose instead of seeing that as a negative I could always see it as a reminder to always be grateful – gratitude is the attitude – and that it’s only a negative thing if I let it be one. 

I find that too often we let the past hang over us like an overly attached (and sometimes abusive) parent. We allow it to strangle us and take our breath away. We allow it be forever be the soundtrack to our lives even though it’s already happened. It’s on constant replay because we either can’t let go of the negative behaviours and situations we encountered, or we’re nostalgic of the positive, meaningful times. The past has conditioned us to never to let it go. It tells us we need it so we don’t make the same mistakes again. It doesn’t help that we consider mistakes a bad thing. They’re not bad. They’re not good either, but they’re just something that happened. We can choose to move on from those. Mistakes aren’t meant to be an anchor;  they’re little feathers that float away once done. There are many roads for us to walk down and if one doesn’t seem to work out that’s fine! There are always more roads, and the majority of the time these roads are better for us.

It’s not until we make it a little way down the road that hindsight appears and shows us the bigger picture. That’s when our understanding and awareness of the situation starts to culminate. 

Today, I ask you to choose to be courageous and be happy. I ask that you give yourself permission to be happy. I ask that you listen to no-one but yourself. Only you know. 

“We inherently know that, when controlled by others, life loses its flair and we are cast into melancholy and mediocrity.” Brandon Burchard – The Motivation Manifesto 
Be happy. Be you.


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