Seek That Which Is Greater

 By which I mean seek the spiritual, the ethereal, the mysterious, the unknown, the magical, the numinous, the beautiful. Seek that which is within you, that which is greater than the earthly possessions and the value placed on the material and temporary goods.  

To find ones way to peace, one must first learn to detach oneself from what society deems valuable, and to associate oneself with what their soul knows to hold real value.


“We would remind you very tenderly that you pay too much attention to earthly values. We do not mean that you should neglect your earthly duties, but we suggest that you should get a clearer understanding of the relative values of spiritual and earthly things; for so much that you consider necessary and important to you is not important. If you will seek always the stillness, the peaceful spirit of the Lord Christ, you will find that through this you will open the windows of your soul, and the light of the Christ-spirit will flood your soul and life; and that which seemed to you to be a trouble and an anxiety will be absorbed into the light.”

         White Eagle – The Quiet Mind, p. 40.


We are greater than our troubles because in reality our troubles don’t exist. Our troubles are a figment of the mind and the mind isn’t who we are. It’s a small aspect of ourselves and a part of ourselves that we must detach from. When we still our minds, it’s in that moment that we experience peace and realisation that this reality, this life, isn’t who we are. It allows us to reach a perspective that before alluded us. Everything we see is a reflection of a moment, the creation of a new memory.


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  1. “First fulfill the desire to be free, then you will have no other desire” – Sri Poonja

    I’m with you all the way. Great article 😉


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