Life and Society in 2016

Every time I log onto Facebook I can feel my intelligence drip out of my skull. 

I’ve spent the past week reading 19th century novels and I have completely immersed myself in that literary world. I have discovered how truly boring, unoriginal and tiresome my generation is. 

People are literally dying from taking ‘selfies’ because of the sheer stupidity and narcissism modern society has imposed upon our minds. 

Artists lack absolute originality in the desperate attempt to attain said originality, and, becoming depressed by their unwillingness to truly go within and seek their own originality, and their own unique voice, they sulk and distract themselves with meaningless soliloquies and cry against the injustices owning to their lack of creativity, meanwhile refusing to actively contribute to their masterpieces because they expect it to whipped out of thin air and already written/painted/composed for them. Artists these days sadly have a disastrous air of entitlement about them and this causes the disruption to their minds. 

In my generation everyone’s a star, but they lack the eyes to see the sky they hang in. They elevate themselves and shine for themselves, forever hoping they shine the brightest for the longest, not realising that they don’t differ in any way to all the billions and trillions of stars in the galaxy. 

I’m tired of living in a society where self-worth has become equated to physical attributes. If you’re not pretty, you’re not worthy. If you don’t attract a man, you’re not a real woman. If you don’t like this picture this ghostly apparition will appear to you tonight. Come on! Really? Are people so mindless and thoughtless that they believe this bullshit? Are young girls actually so unable/unwilling to think for themselves that they let the Internet do it for them? Since when did people like the Kardashians become acceptable role models? 

I’m incredibly grateful to have been of the generation that didn’t have a great interest in technology until I was in my early 20s. And now? It wears us all like a crown and whips us into submission. 

Trying to find a human being to talk to about anything meaningful and real is proving to be somewhat of a challenge these days. Trivialities, celebrity, gossip: that’s all anyone cares for. What happened to actual conversation? 

I think the world has gone quite mad. Completely insane. 

Does anyone actually write anymore? You know, pen and paper? 

I still get excited when I see fresh paper and pens. The limitless possibilities that could fill those pages! The wonderous journeys my imagination could go on! And books! Does anyone read anything other than buzzfeed articles or Twitter? Or those wretched “100 ways to please your man” articles? 

Sometimes I find it hard to fully explain my frustration and my feelings about how insane society has become. Apparently we’re ‘advanced’ and yet we still have racism issues, sexist issues, gender issues, political issues. Don’t even get me started on animal cruelty and the number of animal extinctions caused by man.

We can’t even stop ourselves from war and fighting even though the majority of us shout out loud protestations against it!! War is becoming a commodity because hate is so easily sold amongst the uneducated and uninformed, and because money is apparently the precious life force to the masses: more important than the trees that provide our oxygen, the soil that grows our crops and the water that quenches our thirst.

We seem to have become a voiceless, lulled, drone society dependent upon morose and unrealistic expectations. We easily lose ourselves in superfluity and fakery because it’s the product we’ve been conditioned to want. 

It’s like we’ve been bred to become fearful, hypocritical creatures; creatures that when it comes down to it are unwilling to stand up for something because it doesn’t fit into the sacred monopolistic structure we all live in.

Since when did we let life end up like this?

Can we really claim the title of ‘advanced’?


3 thoughts on “Life and Society in 2016

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    1. I know! People are just interested in talking about celebrity gossip and trivial shit. It’s a rare and nice thing to find someone who actually wants to talk about real things!


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