Love Is…

Love is boundless. What makes you think you can capture it?

Why would you want to bottle it up and bind it?

Why do you feel the need to grasp so tightly onto something that never runs out?

Why do you fear love?

When did we choose to become apathetic and lazy in love?

Love never left us. And we didn’t leave love. We simply stopped being aware of the love around us; the love that encompasses us. Love can never leave because it’s forever in abundance.

The different kinds of love don’t exist. The separation of love into categories is just the egos way of separating itself from the higher self, the soul. The ego is trying to create the illusion of separation because it can’t stand to face it’s own death through knowing eternal love because then it no longer exists. The ego fears it’s own death.

imageThe ego has us believing that if the ego dies, we die, which simply isn’t true. We go on existing in spite of no ego because we’re love, we’re not ego. We’re born from an indescribable feeling and we carry this feeling, this knowing invisibly around with us until we awaken to the ridiculousness of not knowing it. We start to make the invisible visible and in doing so we become love.

Romantic, platonic, maternal, paternal love doesn’t exist. There are no ‘levels’ or ‘hierarchies’ to love because if there were love simply wouldn’t be love. We can’t love another person ‘more than’ someone else. We love them. That’s it. The ‘stronger’ feelings are our attachments to this person, our desire to possess this person so that they never leave and the feeling of love never leaves. We cannot love and possess at the same time. We think we feel strong love, but our ego also surrounds it in wispy waves of fear and THAT’S the majority of our feeling. Fear of losing love. Fear of loneliness. Fear of never having that intimacy, that connection with another person.

We can ‘fall in love’ with anyone and everyone if we let ourselves. It’s not limited to certain people or ‘types’ of people we feel we’re attracted to. If we want to love then all we have to do is be love, and since that’s already what we are, why are we holding back? Anything else that comes with it is just our ego. It’s not until we transcend all that and become unbounded limitless love, that we truly feel deep love and connection to someone. We’ve caught a glimpse of the universe in ourselves and we see it reflected back to us in the person we’ve chosen to have a relationship with.

There are no words for love because love isn’t a word. It’s a feeling. It’s what we’re born from. It’s who we are.

“I imagine love to feel like freedom, but with company.”


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  1. Beautiful article. About sums it up. There is only love, everything else is a product of that. We just get caught up in the product instead of going for the source itself. Love is all that matters, yet we fall in love with matter and forget love itself.


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