Where Is My Mind?

My mind is with the birds, gliding upon the breeze.

It is with the shepherd gathering his footsteps upon the earth.

It is in the trees, growing with the leaves.

It is hidden in the people, buried beneath the dreams residing in their souls.

It is with the stars, burning, glowing and shining for the cosmos.

My mind is in life, giving life unto itself, experiencing love for loves sake.

It is in the music that embraces the dance of the life.

My mind is with you at all times, invisible and intertwined, never intruding but always present.

It is in all your hearts, beating timelessly and rhythmically in harmony with the breathe of the universe.

My mind is on the dusty deserted path that encompasses strength, and provides a way for the distant traveller to journey upon.

My mind is at home with all other minds.

It is with the ocean, patiently surging and flowing with its nature.

It is found in the rocks and the mountains, providing support, perspective and beauty.

It is in the conscious emptiness of existence and is no-where to be found.

It cannot be grasped, kept, entrapped,

But it can be discovered, experienced and free.

My mind is still no-where to be found,

But in everything it can be seen. 


“I have met the soul walking upon my path.” – Kahlil Gibran. 

Be happy. Be you.


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