Just Be, Drink Tea!

Lately, I’ve been trying to consciously follow the synchronicities in my life and get into the flow and since I started reading Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success I’ve had non-stop signs suggesting I just be.

Then this morning – after I actively chose to spend a few days in silence and meditation over Easter (it’s my time off work so that’s when I can fully indulge and commit to being a part of it) – I done my tarots cards and to quote Cilla Black, ‘surprise, surprise!’ all my cards were about just being and finding my truth and not being afraid to speak it.

So my post today is asking for you to incorporate some ‘be-time’ in your ‘me-time’ schedule (Another really bad sentence for my regular readers 😉 thank me later! Haha)

Here are steps to just be!

Seven Steps to Stillness

Step One

Turn off the TV, turn your phone off, put down the book, turn off the radio – I promise you, it will still be there when you return! They key here is to have NO DISTRACTIONS. It’s hard I know. I often fall victim to checking my phone for messages I know I haven’t received.

Step Two

Sit comfortably and relax.

Step Three

Breathe in deeply through your nose, and out through your mouth for several breaths – or more if it feels good! Find what feels right for you.

Step Four

Become aware of your breath. Really concentrate on how it feels going into your body and coming out. It will bring your awareness to any tense areas throughout your body and then you can focus on relaxing them.

Step Five

OPTIONAL, but recommended!


The breathing steps above are for relaxing your body and bringing your awareness into focus so you can connect to your higher self – I guess it’s a sort of basic meditation depending on your definition.

The meditation I’m referring to here that I’d like you to practise is Mindful Meditation. It allows you to practise observing any thoughts and feelings that arise as a way to train your mind to make positive, conscious decisions in every-day life, and to be aware of the choices you make.

Step Six

Let the mental chatter and emotions flow. They’ve arisen for a reason: they need to be healed. Let it out, let it go, let yourself be free, let yourself forgive.

Step Seven

JUST BE with yourself in the silence.

images (4)

The focus of this exercise is to learn how to listen to your inner silence and be with your inner stillness. It sounds similar to meditation. Meditation can help us FIND the stillness, and it helps our minds sift through the crap and filter what needs to be let go, and through that we allow the tumultuous waters of our inner dialogue and memories to gradually still.

You can have periods of extended silence if you feel it would be beneficial to you. This means none of the modern distractions being around, and living in silence for a day or two, or maybe a week, or even a few months! It is advised that it’s best to gradually increase the amount of time you spend in silence if you do want longer periods of silence. This is because it can be tough to be with yourself so totally, and so quickly. If you feel you’re up to it then by all means do it, but I would suggest on doing your research or booking into specialised silent retreats – especially if it’s your first time doing it. Also, don’t be afraid to let your friends and family know what you’re doing. Their support will be immensely helpful especially when you find yourself facing yourself.

At first you’ll probably think “What the hell is this? I don’t hear or feel any silence. All I can hear is my mind on overdrive!” That’s fine. That’s part of the process. Embrace that frustration and use it as an opportunity for growth in your journey of silence. It’s about learning to still your mind to fully embrace yourself as a conscious, spiritual being. Eventually your mind will exhaust itself and then…


Your mind will wonder why it enjoyed being so busy in the first place, and more than likely you won’t want to indulge in that kind of behaviour any longer.

It does take practise, especially having to tear ourselves away from our modern day technology and distractions. But it will be worth it. You’ll feel refreshed, regenerated and relaxed! And even better, you’ll be more in tune with the universe to manifest all the excellent situations and opportunities available to you.

Who wouldn’t want that?!

Once you’ve found the stillness and silence within by allowing yourself to just be, you will experience your true self and be free to receive the gifts of the universe.


I should add that don’t feel as though you have to spend hours and hours doing this. Some people think that we should spend at least two hours a day in silence and then add thirty minutes of meditation twice a day to our routine. WHAAAAAT?! Now for the majority of us, this isn’t possible, so my advice is to spend as long as you can give in silence. It is usually preferable to spend an hour or so practising this, but sometimes the other activities of life get in the way. Remember, each moment counts, and small drops of water still fill a bucket. It may take longer, but each drop is progress.

Don’t put yourself under any pressure, just let it flow.

Sometimes those spare five minutes you get while drinking your tea can be five minutes of ‘be-time’.

So, as the title suggests: JUST BE & DRINK TEA! 


Be happy. Be you.


8 thoughts on “Just Be, Drink Tea!

Add yours

  1. Oh wow. Admirable message Charlotte. I’ve read that book too – well the first bit anyway, and read some interesting things on the subject of stillness. It isn’t something to which we in the west give a lot of time.

    I think however there is something innately troubling, terrifying even, about spending time with our brains switched off (but still conscious) In Stillness, and this even puts me off going into a state like this.

    It’s not the same as “blanking out” or being a bit slow, which I am often these days. What you are talking about has intention and its own meaning behind it.

    However there is such beauty in silence and stillness and if we are to appreciate it we must overcome our fear and embarrassment towards these states.

    Your mention of a silence retreat has really got me thinking… In a good way. Thank you!


    1. Excellent! It’s always good to get someone thinking! I must say I’m kind of looking forward to the silence and to purposely isolate myself to find myself. Or at least a little part of myself. I’m really struggling with my anger and frustration lately (weirdly it’s the small things that annoy me) and I’m hoping the silence will give me some insight into the root of it all so I can finally take some kind of action to letting it go!

      Btw! I’ve booked a one-way ticket to Australia. I booked it on a complete whim after a conversation with a friend. I originally went into the travel agents just to ask about visas and then next thing I knew…I booked it! I figured I may as well travel the world while I’m travelling within!


      1. That is the most incredible news I’ve heard all day! Australia! Wow. I too was looking into a 1 year working holiday visa as I turn 31 in less than 2 months, which is the deadline, but the cost put me off, as well as the limited and very prescriptive stipulations as to types of jobs that you must undertake – no thank you.

        There is something very thrilling about visiting faraway magical lands especially when you do not know when you will be returning home, if you will be returning home. I hope you have a fantastic time there, and the wait as well. I live in UK now and in May I’m going to California for 6 months so I know what it’s like to have to wait, and feel like I’m gonna burst with excitement!

        As for the subject of small things, see this post on Heroes Not Zombies: http://wp.me/p3OMk-18a about appreciating little subtle experiences.

        Congratulations on following through with your intentions – there are more spiritual connections to be had the more we travel.


      2. The cost of the visa was a lot, but luckily the day I booked mine it had some money knocked off. I’ve always wanted to go, but felt it was out of reach until my friend pointed out I had saved my money for seeing the world.

        It’s very exciting! It dawned on me yesterday that it’s the beginning of a long time away from the UK – something I’ve been wanting since I can remember!

        I hope California is amazing! I went there a few years back to visit a friend, but to live there would be incredible!

        Thank you for Hereos Not Zombies post! I will read it now! And thank you for always taking an interest in my posts! I love it! ☺️


  2. Thank you Charlotte, when are you going on your trip? I hope to see on your blog what you’ve been learning and how it changes and inspires you. Do you intend to carry it on while you are over there?


    1. I don’t leave until November which is plenty of time for me to sort my money out. I do plan on carrying it on, but I don’t really want to drag my laptop around and I don’t really want to be spending more money buying a tablet. I’ll see what happens! What do you plan on doing in California?


      1. I’m going to make art as I’m part of a printmaking workshop. I’m going to write, and particularly blog about my learnings. I’m going to travel, and see all that the state and beyond has to offer. My true friends are there, so I’m going to go on trips and spend time in their company and kinship. I’m going to read, explore, enjoy hot weather. And enjoy stillness some of the time and most of all, freedom!


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