Mother Nurture



Upon her breast we suckle until her nipples become raw, cracked and dry;

We tear and rip at her flesh until she screams;

We swim in her blood poisoning her veins,

We cut off her hair exposing bare skin to the elements.

We crush her lungs,

Scratch out her eyes,

Destroy her life force,

Laugh at her pain,

Kick her when she’s down,

And expect her to live forever.


Forever the expected, enigmatic, eternal provider.

Forever the care giver, never a care taker.

Forever we exploit her watchfulness and we burn it,

Stamp on it,

Seize it,

Sell it,

Drink it,

Eat it,

Destroy it,

Decimate it,

Waste it.


Once we were babes wrapped in her arms,

Blanketed with leaves,

Sleeping under stars,

And she loved us and we loved her.


Now we’ve forgotten that love.

We are blind.

We are proud.

We are wasteful.

We are no longer creating a world to live in;

We are destroying one.


But I always remain hopeful that we will redeem ourselves,

And that we will love our mother as we once did.


Be happy. Be you.


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