The ‘Wrong’ Way to Live…I Love It!

The thought occurred to me the other day that some will look at my life and judge that I have a lack of direction. They will say that I’m 25 years old and I don’t have a house of my own, that I don’t have a boyfriend (because you know, they’re so important…) and that my job as a live-in carer means I’m non-committal to ‘real’ life.

When I decide that live-in care is no longer for me I’ll have the world at my feet and numerous options open to me.


People will say that I lack motivation, that I’m directionless and that this isn’t a good fit for someone who’s going to make their life one of success and joy.

They will see all the things I don’t have.

And I will laugh. I will laugh with absolute joy.


Because I undeniably see EVERYTHING that I DO have.

Unlike these people, I have complete freedom. I get to choose what I do next. They will see that I seem to have nothing going for me, but I see that I have EVERYTHING going for me. The world is my oyster because I’ve been sensible enough not to let myself get caught up in other people’s expectations and society’s “shoulds” in life.

If I have time off work I have the facilities to go on holiday. I don’t have a mortgage worrying me, I don’t have children to think about, I don’t care much what people think of me (I do a little bit, but one step at a time!)

I’ve been very lucky to have family and friends who are supportive of my attitude to life. They’ve always said I’m somewhat of a “wild one”, a “hippy-dippy weirdo” and I’m way too positive, but I know that’s what they love about me. They know I’ll always accept whatever choices they make, that I’ll never force any of my views on them, and I know they’ll never force any of their views on me. They know that as long as they’re happy and they’re not hurting themselves or anyone else that I’ll support them.

It’s unfortunate that I live in a time when it is still viewed as ‘wrong’ when a woman doesn’t want children young – or even at all! There is still the opinion that it is unacceptable that a woman decides her own future because God forbid she uses the brain she was born with and enjoy life outside the home! (It’s shocking I know)

There are parts of this world I don’t like living in and I don’t like living in the part where we’re placed in a box. I don’t appreciate people telling me I can’t do something (it just makes me want to do it more), or that I shouldn’t do this or do that because it’s “not what we do”.

Do you really think these rules and ideas are working so well?

Look around at the world and tell me if you think society’s rules are really improving quality of life. There are so very few people who are happy, and their unhappiness is down to being one of the many sheep following the shepherd to a life of pretend joy and blind acceptance.

Of course there are advancements that have dramatically improved some parts of life, but overall it’s a failure. America is burying food because there’s more money made if people believe something is lacking, the media green screens its news stories to get a deeper reaction and create separation when ultimately there is none, and 1% of the population hold more wealth than the rest of the world put together.

Do you really think this is the way we’re meant to live?

I don’t.

What a waste of our life. We are not here to work meaningless jobs to pay for material goods we’ve been taught we ‘need’ to be fulfilled and that will lead us into the path of self-actualisation and wholeness.

We’re fed lies about how to live. We’re not told the truth about life and how to be happy.

It all lies within.

As above, so below.

If we have inner turmoil and conflict, and our external surroundings will reflect this. We must create peace within ourselves to see it radiate outwards in the world.


We cannot carry on believing that God or death is to be feared. It’s simply not true. We are God. To fear God is to fear yourself.

Are you scared of yourself? If you answer ‘yes’ then know that’s only your ego talking. Your soul doesn’t know fear. It’s not even part of its vocabulary. It laughs at fear because it knows how to love it into non-existence.

I guess this post is a message to all those who believe I’m living my life the ‘wrong’ way. I’m living how I want to live. I’ve NEVER wanted to be tied down by anything physical or material even when I was younger. I just want to play, explore and love the world. That’s why we’re here. The world is wonderful and yet we choose to see all the ugliness and the absences.

Why is that?

Look at what is there, what you CAN do. Don’t let anyone’s expectations and their “shoulds” lord over you like a demanding presence. Take a step towards living for yourself and creating a life based on all the good things and all the things that make you happy.

Write your own story.

My life is a blank canvas every day. To some this is simply an unacceptable and fickle way to live. To me it means I get to fill my canvas with everything and nothing – it’s my choice. I can leave it blank or I can paint a thousand pictures on it. The choice is mine.

I’m not aloof or detached from anyone or anything; I’m free to do what I want and I’m aware of it. I’m excited about it.

I choose the dusty path;

But my feet remain bare.

It’s a way I’ve forgotten,

But a path I tread frequently.

The stars sparkle excitedly

The leaves dance freely.

My soul beams outwards

Illuminating beauty.

Be happy. Be you.


15 thoughts on “The ‘Wrong’ Way to Live…I Love It!

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  1. You sound so passionate and in love with life! I saw a picture the other day of a one dollar bill written on it was something to the effect of paper rules our lives. It’s true for most of us, my self included, I have children they depend on me. Your post however inspires me there is still hope and not everything has to be mundane. It’s a mindset, you can be whatever you want, if you want too. Warm wishes.


    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you’ve gained something positive from my post ☺️ I definitely don’t think it’s too late for anyone to do anything. How you live and define life depends on you alone and people forget that. Life is what you make it ☺️

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  2. I really agree with most of this and I’m myself crafting a life of freedom, love and independence from many of society’s norms. While I disagree that it’s viewed as ‘wrong’ by society at large for women not to want babies etc until later in life, I do think that there’s pressure among the more conventional cross-sections of society (cultural minorities, working in an office, seeing your “schoolfriends”), to settle down and live the well-trodden path.

    It’s exactly the meaninglessness of the “work” world that I too am trying to escape. I have yet to find a way to make this pay – either by doing something I love that brings in money or moving to a society elsewhere on the globe where either money is not essential or a small amount buys a lot. For the moment it’s a trade off. I spend 2 or 3 months a year working, the rest travelling. But I end up spending more a year than I make, so this can’t realistically continue, unfortunately.

    You are so right as to how all of this links with excessive capitalism and burying of food, creating a perceived scarcity to keep the cogs of the corporations turning nicely. The blindness created by false needs of advertising. The way work deadens the spirit which is exactly what is was intended to do to keep people in line. All so sad, yet so few see it.

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      1. The country I live in and am from (England) is definitely not the answer. I feel that I must be somewhere else and stop coming back to this place as my base to work etc. Because those few months of work are enough to undo all the amazing experiences, insights and feelings I had while I was away on my travels abroad. I feel so f***ing untrue to myself here.

        That’s the first step to freedom – not being tied down to place.

        In the meantime, I should start buying lottery tickets again. Because that’s the real conundrum. How to support yourself – plus anyone else you must provide for – without prostituting yourself through work.


      2. I live in England too! What part are you from? I definitely feel like I need to get away from England to do anything. Everywhere else I’m not fussed about what others think, stresses and strains of every day life, but here, I don’t know…it seems to pile up sometimes.

        I might start doing the lottery with you…haha!


  3. I grew up in Hertfordshire. I am staying in London E14 for 6 weeks and I’m halfway through it. After that I’m thinking of heading to Europe, then I’m going to spend 6 months in California from May. After that hopefully Cape Town, South Africa and then Mauritius.


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