A Little Bit of Kindness Goes A Long Way

I have noticed that a little bit of kindness really does go a long way. Externally there seems to be no difference, but I can guarantee that internally the changes are happening.

It strikes me as sad that people are forgetful of each other, and judge someone as ‘rude’ or ‘impolite’ if they don’t have a constant smile fixed on their face.

I recently went out for dinner with some friends and one of the girls started bad mouthing the waitress because she was acting like “a wet rag” and this girl said that the waitress needed to “cheer the f*** up”. I was astounded that someone could be so inconsiderate of someone else’s feelings and reminded this girl that the waitress may not like her job (we’ve all been there I’m sure!) and that we don’t know what’s going on in her life so we shouldn’t judge her. People forget that the small things count and matter enormously, and can even sometimes mean the difference between someone choosing to live or choosing to end their life.

I don’t think it made this girl reconsider her attitude towards others. If anything I think she was offended that I pointed out she shouldn’t judge another person, and didn’t care about how her unkind words can affect another person.


But this is what I’m talking about. People are more offended by being advised that they shouldn’t judge someone than by their words and behaviour toward that person.

When did humanity become so inconsiderate? And when did it become an accepted form of behaviour? Why are people unwilling to take responsibility for themselves?

It’s enormously frustrating and sad to see people acting this way and disregarding the feelings of others. It’s as though people are more concerned with what they can get from a situation rather than what they can give to the situation. I find it more satisfying to give to another than I do taking from another person.

I’ve been brought up in a family environment where I’ve always been taught to be polite and kind, and to put it bluntly, to not treat people like shit. It’s this that has given me the idea of doing a small thing to brighten someone’s day every day. I’ve already done my one thing today, but it would be amazing if everyone did something like this.

You never know what a big difference it can make.

“When you have a choice to be right, or to be kind, choose to be kind and watch your suffering disappear.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Be happy. Be you.


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Kindness Goes A Long Way

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    1. Definitely! That girl wasn’t really a friend, but she made me aware of how inconsiderate some people are, and if there’s one thing that grinds my gears it’s inconsideration.


  1. How sad it is that we live in a culture where belittling other people for the tiniest faults is so commonplace. It seems to me that when people don’t have anything worth saying they often resort to negative small-talk or gossip about others. It saddens me much that you often cannot even teach such people the error of their ways. When that is the case I tend to give those people a wide birth. Sometimes you have to make hard choices about the company you keep in life for you’re goodness will be limited in such circles.


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