Confidence in Crisis

This is a poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago and it still remains true for me now. Although I have absolutely no idea where my life is going right now, I choose to remain confident in my crisis and trust that I will end up achieving greatness, and enabling others to have confidence in their greatness!



There’s a light over there,

Beckoning, enticing,

Decorated by failure,

Promising success.


A solitary endeavour,

I’ll be taking the path of mist,

Each step an uncertainty.

Trust” it whispers

Reminding me of faith.

I’ll not look down;

I want to take in the scenery,

Experience creationism

And be the dream.


I etch my thoughts onto the landscape

And they reflect onto my eyes not as solid, stable objects,

But as interchangeable, undecided ideas.

Be happy. Be you.


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