The Beauty of Poetry

The beauty of poetry is that you can string beautiful words together and they make sense. Even if semantically they don’t seem to make sense, the words have such an innate beauty that they bind together in a wonderful marriage.

There are certain words that I find beautiful. A poem can be words strung together in a nonsensical manner which distort themselves into a powerful image that speaks to many and one.


Incandescent bubbles, laser red leaves, magical mystical meadows, esoteric wonder, unimagined imaginings, air of nature, doorway to hearts and minds, trees walking away from summer, clouds horsing around.

Poetry to me is like producing random words that open your mind. It allows creativity of the soul, it gives a voice to its song, a melody to its rhythm, steps to its dance.


It’s unending, unnerving, understanding, unapologetic, unavailing, under my skin.

Be happy. Be you.


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