Webs, Branches & Wind

In the silver mesh

Lies a tangled web

Of deceit that your mind has unknowingly succumbed to.

The branches weave

In and out

Of your intelligence

Blowing and whispering

To your consciousness

The truth

That you are unwilling to see.

The double faceted personality

Curving, circling, caressing

You, in you.

It wants to be you.

The breath of truth

Gently kisses your soul,

Laying the path before your feet

Of self-discovery,


The wind blows the truth around your feet

Like leaves.

It entices you to choose beauty,

To banish defeat and slavery,

To feel the seduction of freedom

And to bask in the valour of your true essence.

Truth asks you to smell the air,

To imbibe yourself with its sweet scent.

It guides you to sit,

Be still

And to honour the peace that you are.

The truth is like gentle fingers tickling your soul,

Lighting the stars within

Your universe.

The web blankets itself around you

Cocooning you,

The branches root you to Earth and nature,

But the wind…

The wind is breath,

And breath is freedom.

It’s release.

It’s truth.

It’s you.


Be happy. Be you.


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