Say ‘Goodbye’ to Limitation and ‘Hello’ to A New Perspective on Life

Never let words limit the possibility of life – Alan Watts

We are forever holding ourselves back because we believe ourselves to be limited. We are not limited. It is our language that is limited and thus it is our language that limits us.

Just because something doesn’t have a word to convey its meaning doesn’t make it meaningless. Often the meaning is expressionless; formless. You don’t need to attach any meaning to the feeling. This is your egos job, and your ego does this because it likes the security of compartmentalising things into manageable controlled boxes. However, your higher self knows and recognises the feeling in its purest state and so needs no definition. It doesn’t even try to give something a name because it already knows we’re nameless; we’re nobody; we’re meaningless. That’s not to say we’re worthless. It means we exist to love, we live to love, we just BE. On a soul level this is a comfortable, acceptable notion, but to our ego this cannot exist. It strikes fear into the ego because the ego suddenly envisions its own death arriving.

But, to live, first one must die.

Why does the ego have the need of having to name everything? Why does anything need a name or a label? A name is someone’s perception of an image put into words; a set of syllables that sound agreeable to the ear. It gives the ego a voice and a chance to do its most favourite thing: show off. Giving something a name does not mean you own any part of that object. You cannot own anything. To give anything a name is to indulge your ego in its fantasies about greatness. It wants you to stake your claim onto something that doesn’t really exist and is just a perception of what you think does exist.

We take the mystery out of life by allowing the need to name something dominate our existence. This means we never accept anything as it is. We become obsessed with analysing the meaning of the word that conveys a particular object, person, animal, emotion etc. It takes away our sight and focuses it on the perceived thing rather than focusing it on what the thing actually is.

Words have a limitation. They are the metaphorical ruler of our lives. They create limitations.

But only if you let them.

If words can be used to limit someone then it stands that they can be used to liberate someone.

Allow the words to become meaningless and in that you’ll find the real meaning behind them.

Our words are a poor attempt to try and capture the beauty of the world, to try and give meaning to something that needs no meaning.

You experience life, not document it in words. When you die you don’t take your words with you; you take your experiences and who you are as a person.

Don’t let words define you. Words are temporary – you are not. You are eternal.

This need to define everything? Let it go. Allow life to be experienced and lived, not documented and defined.

You have the possibility to be anything you want – why let something limit that possibility?

Be happy. Be you.


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