The Tyranny of Voices

I wrote this poem after watching a couple of hours of Brave New Voices and Button Poetry on YouTube – I HIGHLY recommend checking these out. The people are inspiring and absolutely passionate about their words, and it will literally give you the chills watching it.

The Tyranny of Voices

Finding my voice that’s been shackled in chains for years

By the tyranny of the big man.

Oh, you’re such a big man!

With your big voice,

Your do’s and don’ts

Your ‘be this’ and ‘be that’

What crap!

My quiet little five year old voice

Dominated by your sequels to life

To create more strife

In this world where voices are voiceless,

Where words fall meaningless like the leaves of autumn.

The forgotten whispers of your slaves

Wail and cry on the 9-5 breeze.

They cry and cry…and cry.

All they long to do is fly

On wings of words,

On wings of freedom,

On the wings you’ve torn off their angelic backs.

The words bubbling and gurgling

Before projectile vomiting over your lies

Covering your ‘truth’

In the sickness that you’ve plagued their minds with.

In the sickness you’ve passed down to me.

A generational tradition of conformity

To be a human fermenting into the draught

That would be drank by the soulless occupiers of society.

But, I’ll grow like a fungus on their tongues.

My words multiplying like bacteria

Until I fill their mouths with my soliloquy of vomit

And watch as their bullshit escapes

And falls on deaf ears.

I’ll watch.

And I’ll watch until you see just how voiceless a person really can be.


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