How The Mighty Fall

I’m still working on my next few posts which will be discussing the idea of duality and learning to let go of that idea to live in Oneness.

So, in the meantime I thought I’d share a poem with you that I wrote earlier this year!

I hope you all enjoy it and understand its message 🙂

We, who place ourselves up high on a pedestal,

Have forgotten the meaning of it all.

We claim to be ‘masters of the universe’

And have yet to realise what a curse

We have placed upon ourselves.

How can we preach love

From thrones high above?

Forgive me for sounding like I’m preaching

But I’m merely reaching

Up to the stars to help light your path.

Your path is not high, your path is not low;

Our paths run side by side,

And if one shall stray,

Then another will be there to guide them on their way.


If you ever feel low,

Just know:

You are never alone

And your path is never full of woe.

You, up on your pedestal

In your place of power:

Stop making the world cower

Under your thumb.

We are not dumb.

We are not controlled or fooled

By your greed and your dreams of gold.

We are the awakened ones who know the truth,

And though you may perceive us as strange and aloof,

We are not.

We do not wish to see our world rot

While you stand idly by,

As your slaves cry

So you can reap what is not yours.

But, we see these flaws

And turn it into healing

So that we can carry on feeling

And experiencing life.

You have caused the world strife;

But just know that there are greater powers than yours at work.

You see the world as yours to take,

Like a piece of rich, indulgent cake,

But we see it as a gift.

These differences have created a rift

Much bigger than your minds can comprehend,

But we know that in the end, we are all one and the same

In this life that you treat as a game.

So, sit back and enjoy the ball,

But just remember how the mighty fall.


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