I’m Changing

Today, I realised how much I’m changing.

Today, something happened that made me realise how much I’ve grown as a person since embarking on my self-love spiritual journey.

Today, I realised I’m not as easily embarrassed as I once thought I was, and that I’m more comfortable in my skin.

What happened?

Well, it’s an entertaining story and I hope you find it as funny as I did – and still do!

As part of my live-in carer job I have to go into university with Maria* and take her lecture notes. Recently I’ve started drinking more water to detox my body, which means I need the toilet more frequently than usual.

This was one of those times I needed the toilet so I thought I’d go before the class change-over rush started. It turns out the ladies toilets were closed for cleaning so I went to the disabled toilet.

Now, I was DESPERATE for the toilet so the pee was rushing out of me at waterfall speed.

I was happily revelling in the immense relief, and the door opens.

I looked at this guy dumbfounded and just said “Er, I’m peeing here.” So he looks confused, turns round, and walks off. Leaving the door OPEN!

And then, people started coming out of lectures.

Cue me hurriedly closing the door before anyone saw my vagina! And if you know disabled toilets then you know the door is about a MILE away from the toilet.

I had locked the door AND double-checked it – disabled toilet locks are temperamental so that’s why I always check – so I was a little confused about why the door opened.

My first thought was “Oh my God, this is really amusing for me right now!” My next thought was to close the door, but surprisingly I wasn’t even that bothered. It really has brightened my day because not only did it give me something to laugh about, it taught me that I’m not easily embarrassed nor am I particularly bothered about what people think.

I’ve never really been one to get easily embarrassed, but understandably a situation like this one would be enough to leave most people mortified.

I guess I’m telling you all about this as a reminder to not let situations in life get you down, and that you can choose how you react. Choose to be comfortable enough in yourself to change an embarrassing moment into a humorous one. Choose to be in control, and choose to be happy.

Laughter is the best medicine and a smile is the best accessory! (Cheesy or what?!)

It’s also a reminder that sometimes it’s the little events that show us the big changes within ourselves.

In choosing to see the funny side of this experience I’ve brightened my day – and hopefully your day too! I’ve let it affect me positively and I’m going to reflect that attitude throughout my day.

NB: I wrote this earlier today, and I carried on being positive and choosing to see the fun in life. It was typical October weather today – heavy rain, wind, storms – and walking home it was really heavy rain, so I said to Maria* that if we were going to get wet, we may as get thoroughly wet and enjoy it.

So I stood in the rain, arms wide open and enjoyed it! Maria* even joined in too, and she loved it!

Choose to be positive and choose to be happy, and you’ll see it reflected in the life around you.


Be happy. Be you.


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