How Are You Today?

How are you today?

We ask this question to people all the time, but most people ask out politeness and not because they genuinely care about the answer. I decided a few years ago that I’d only ask this question if I genuinely cared about the response, and that’s because I genuinely want to help people feel better.

I want you to know that no matter how you feel today that things are getting better. There’s no need to worry because there is a divine order at work helping and guiding you. Be free from stress and stress will stay free from you.

Don’t let the possibilities of the future distract you from the peace and happiness that is contained within the present moment. The future has yet to be created. Now IS the created.

Sit back, place your hand on your heart. You feel that? That beating? That’s all there is. You are alive. Focus on your breath and revel in the miracle of life. Be aware of the natural simplicity of life. You are life.

I ask you to spend your day trying to be mindful of each moment, to try and be completely present in each task. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, just pause for a few minutes and breathe. Then smile, and resume living.

Be happy. Be you.  


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