What Is The Self?

It’s easy to avoid our problems and to avoid facing our inner-self especially in today’s world where we have the distractions of work, social media, busy family lives etc to draw our attention elsewhere.

By facing our problems head on we deal with them directly. We clear our consciousness of another aspect of our ego, leaving room for our souls to shine through. We can begin our journey to discovering our inner-self – our real self – and discover the spiritual importance of being alive.

By concentrating on ourselves and resolving our issues we allow ourselves to connect more intimately with others, but more importantly, with ourselves.

But, what is the self?

Below is a video of Alan Watts talking about the self. He’s extremely eloquent and his words are truly mind-opening and leave you thinking.

When I begun my spiritual journey I listened to everything Alan Watts said – I’d even fall asleep listening to his voice to make sure his words entered into my subconscious! I find his voice very relaxing and his explanations and opinions are easy to listen to.

I hope you find as much wisdom in this video as I did! 🙂

Be happy. Be you.


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