Who Says You Can’t?

Who says you can’t?

Who says you can’t read that book?

Who says you can’t take that job?

Who says you can’t love that person?

Who says you can’t achieve your dreams?


You say you can’t.

Yes, there will be people in your life who say you can’t do that, or you can’t do this because it doesn’t fit in with the status quo, or with their ideology, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Again: who says you can’t?

If everyone who was ever told their ideas and dreams were impossible, unrealistic or silly, or who were told these ideas and dreams would be ‘social suicide’ actually listened to these negative words, then we wouldn’t have the technology, the science, the medicine and the free thinkers we have today. Sometimes rules have to be broken so a new path can be created.

NOTHING is impossible. NOTHING.

We perceive it to be because we’ve placed limitations on ourselves. We’ve let society place a box on our heads. Take the box off. It blocks you from seeing the beauty in life and the true beauty of who you are. And who really wants a box on their head anyway? I certainly don’t.

Once we realise that the only limitations in life are the ones we put on ourselves we can start to work towards changing that, and work towards the limitless potential that’s lying dormant in each of us.

“…it is a law of life; as a person thinks, so he is, so she becomes” ~ White Eagle

You put limitations on yourself because you believe you’re limited. You believe yourself to be who everyone thinks you are. You let the world and everyone define you.

It is you who puts yourself in jail. You condemn yourself with your “I can’t’s…” and the “I wish I could’s…” You CAN. And you don’t have to wish. Just do. Even if it’s something small, you’ve already taken away a brick from that wall you’ve built around yourself. You can do it. If you are your own jailer then you are your own liberator. You are capable. In fact, you’re more than capable.

I say you can.

You’re limitless.

Be happy. Be you.


Further Steps on a Spiritual Path – White Eagle

**Just a little note: the picture of the black and white tree at the top of my page can be found on this website – http://www.ihpworkshops.com/oak_tree_and_v_fog.html


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