It’s Easy

It’s easy to be happy, but as humans we over complicate life. With the complexities of modern life surrounding us, we forget the simple pleasures of life; the simple pleasures that bring about peace and serenity within. Nobody’s happiness depends on external forces; it depends on the ever flowing, yet silent, internal monologue. The monologue that is within reach if we just listen. I mean really listen.

What is your name?

Does your name really define you?

If you became nameless, who would you be? What would you call yourself?

We’re all nobody’s. Not in the sense that we’re meaningless or lack any kind of value, but because to be nobody means to be you. You’re not caged in by a name, a characteristic ideology. To be nobody means to be anybody you want to be; to be the real you. You become somebody who sets their own standards based on your own truth. You become you. You become happy because you’re no longer tied down by expectations, ideologies, the who-you-should-be’s

How do you define yourself? Do you define yourself by words? Be feelings? By actions? By inactions? By dreaming? By believing? By being?

Why are you even defining yourself? Who says you have to?

We get caught up by universal definitions of who we are expected to be and this binds us to the past and the future instead of the present. We’re forever chasing an expectation disguised as a dream. In the end, we realise that all those seemingly small moments of peace were the happy moments. We missed them because we’re either nostalgic for something that will no longer exists, or we’re anticipating something that does not yet exist. Both hold us back from the truth, and the truth lays in the present moment. The truth is now. It’s in this moment, the moment that you’re reading this, the moment you sip your drink, the moment you breathe. To link these moments in terms of the past and the future means to lose the joy, the sadness, the anger, the love that you’re feeling. Being in the moment is just that: being. In that moment you are mindful and can acknowledge your emotions as they arise and deal with them right away, rather then unravelling a potential minefield of unresolved issues and feelings.

These moments become meaningless when you give them meaning. This is one of the paradoxes of life. You’re entirely focused on trying to find the meaning to realise that YOU are the meaning. We’re human BEings. All you have to do is be, and in being you’ll find you. You’ll find that you are all encompassing love (If you listen to the song Requiem for the New World by Azedia, it has some excellent insight that fits nicely. I’ll link it at the bottom of the page for you.) You don’t need to do anything. You don’t need success, material goods, or recognition because you are love. You can be love. That’s all there is to being a human being.

You may call this idea romanticised, but I ask you: what do you really want from life? I believe that on some level everyone wants to be loved and they want to love someone. Let me ask you another question: What’s stopping you?

When you finally recognise you are love your world will change because your perception of the world has changed. You have discovered that no-one plays a bigger or smaller part in life. We all contribute. We are a community.

You are love so love yourself. You DESERVE it.

Be happy. Be you.

Here’s the link to the song I recommended above:


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