A Brief View on Death

There’s a fear that surrounds death. It’s an unnecessary fear, but one that arises nonetheless. Have we been taught to fear death or is the fear innate and built into our human components? At the moment of passing from this world to the next, the feeling most often associated with it is peace. It’s a peace that surrounds your soul like a blanket, and you wonder what on Earth you were so scared of to begin with. Death is merely a transition back to our home, back to the real world. It’s a hard idea to grasp that this life we lead here on Earth is an illusion. We’re here to have an experience and to allow our souls grow. Our progress is dependent on each other. To grow individually we must grow collectively.

God, the creator, Source, Divine Spirit – whatever words you like to use – has made the passing into the next life easy, peaceful and blissful. The transition is done with ease and your soul naturally remembers what to do. It’s your human self – your ego – that panics. You didn’t panic when you took your first breath, so why panic when you take your last? At least with that breath you can fully embrace and be with that experience. Your human mind will remember that last breath. A last breath should be released with happiness, not hurried out of fear. Why fear something you’ve done many times before and will do again many more times? You survived those times, and you’ll survive death again and again. Why? Because death is an illusion. The fear has been created by religious zealots, by members of society reflecting their fear of death onto the masses causing a widespread epidemic of misinformation and misunderstanding. This is further validated and further ingrained into human consciousness because fear vibrates at a lower, denser vibration and our human minds are more susceptible to this. Our ego likes to cower behind fear because fear keeps us in line with the status quo and keeps us believing in the illusion. Fear and the ego will withhold our dreams from us because we’re unwilling to face it head on and to challenge it. By challenging our ego, we’re challenging everything we’ve ever been taught – by society that is. Our soul is trying to come forward and bring that inner knowing to the forefront of our consciousness so that we can raise our vibrations higher than fear, and so we can embrace all that we are.

In death you are merely leaving your body behind, your shell. It’s not the real you. It’s just the body you chose to experience for this lifetime. It’s always painful to leave family and friends behind, but as a soul, you know it won’t be long until they join you again. You cut the silver cord and you ascend higher towards home. Dying is painful, death is not. Dying is a human experience, death is a spiritual soulful experience. Dying is entrapment, death is freedom. Death is graceful and elegant and beautiful. Dying – if you allow it – can be bitter, lonely, and full of sorrow. But, there is another option. You can chose dying to be beautiful – you can chose to be completely aware of how your dying body feels and feel wonder and amazement at how it’s kept you alive. It’s at this point you can choose to see how you view your body.

I do believe we choose when we go. I believe we have several exit points that we can choose whether to stay and carry on our journey. The decision is ours – and ours alone – and our choice is never judged. It is accepted with love and understanding. Dismantle the fear – don’t delude it. Search within to identify and locate courage – your potential is limitless.


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