Learn How To Love Loneliness

This week I’m going to be covering the topic of isolation – more specifically the branches of loneliness and solitude. At some point we all go through this and it can be one of the toughest times we will ever experience. I want to show you that moving from loneliness to solitude is a positive... Continue Reading →

It’s All About You

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Four - Day Seven Today is all about you and what you feel you may have learned about yourself. Ask yourself: What have you achieved? What have you discovered about yourself? How have you improved your relationship with yourself and with others? Are you more aware of your thought process... Continue Reading →

Family Time

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Four - Day Six A very simple post today. All I ask of you is that you spend time with your families. As Christmas is coming up that shouldn't be too hard! But remember to find joy in spending time with your family. Families can be frustrating, but they're always... Continue Reading →

Accept Yourself Socially

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Four - Day Five A couple of days ago I posted about work and how we sometimes work too much to the detriment of our relationships and social life. We may not take enough time out to enjoy ourselves, so this post is about telling you to go out! I... Continue Reading →

Money Money Money

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Four - Day Four This is a bit of a different post today. I'm going to give you ideas of how to manage your money better and tell you that it's ok to ask for help and to want more money. Money is a big part of our lives so... Continue Reading →

In Relation To…

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Four - Day Two Life Health Today we will focusing on our relationships and how we interact with and relate to people around us. This can be with friends, family members, spouses, colleagues, even the person who serves you in your local supermarket or coffee shop. We are all prone... Continue Reading →

Increasing Our Vitality for Life

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Four - Day One Life Health This week is about taking a look at your life from a broad perspective. I ask you to be honest with yourself about any changes that you feel need to happen. Sometimes just admitting something needs to change is enough. If you’re ready, make... Continue Reading →

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