Feel Yourself

Feel Yourself. Not that! But if that's what you want to do, crack on! It does release those good endorphins we all love! I’m talking about your feelings. Feeeeeeel yourself. Feel those feelings. (By the way, I should mention that you're probably going to be as sick as I am of the word 'feelings' by... Continue Reading →

I’m Back Baby!

I’ve been away from this blog for a long time. Almost two years! Wow. People still ask me if I’m doing this blog and I’ve had to tell them ‘no’, but now I can tell them I’m back! What have I done in the meantime? Why have I decided to come back? Well, I’ve been... Continue Reading →

What If Tomorrow Were Your Last Day?

I’d like you to adopt a deathbed mentality. Jesus Charlotte, what on Earth do you mean you crazy person?! It’s not as scary as it sounds. In fact, it’s an exercise in liberating yourself from the chains of routine and mediocrity. I started doing this exercise on and off a couple of months ago. I... Continue Reading →

Learn How To Love Loneliness

This week I’m going to be covering the topic of isolation – more specifically the branches of loneliness and solitude. At some point we all go through this and it can be one of the toughest times we will ever experience. I want to show you that moving from loneliness to solitude is a positive... Continue Reading →

It’s All About You

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Four - Day Seven Today is all about you and what you feel you may have learned about yourself. Ask yourself: What have you achieved? What have you discovered about yourself? How have you improved your relationship with yourself and with others? Are you more aware of your thought process... Continue Reading →

Family Time

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Four - Day Six A very simple post today. All I ask of you is that you spend time with your families. As Christmas is coming up that shouldn't be too hard! But remember to find joy in spending time with your family. Families can be frustrating, but they're always... Continue Reading →

Accept Yourself Socially

Health and Well-Being Month: Week Four - Day Five A couple of days ago I posted about work and how we sometimes work too much to the detriment of our relationships and social life. We may not take enough time out to enjoy ourselves, so this post is about telling you to go out! I... Continue Reading →

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